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Long time no see!


Hello everyone!

Apologies for no posting yet in 2011! It has been such a busy, but fantastic start to the year. I found out this time last month that on my two Biology GCSE exams I achieved 1 A and 1 A Star! It just prooves that if you work hard, anything is achieveable. I never dreamt of getting such a high grade and am still in shock now to be honest!

I have also been asked to sing at Katrina’s wedding. Some of you Im sure will visit her Whimsical Wishes blog. If not, its worth popping over to visit (her link is on my sidebar!) I am honoured to be asked to sing and I cant wait!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I started a mini book about me, and my wonderful friends and family. Here is my front cover….

I am hoping this year to post at least once a week on my blog, got back into the swing of crafting now after a christmas break so hopefully the plan will work!

PLEASE leave comments as I love reading them,

will be back soon

Grace xxx

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