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Its all about Pinterest!


Hello Folks!

How are we all?

Sorry for the absense from the blogging world. Time is flying past recently, you think you posted about a week ago and then you realise its been a month!

I have been in a production of Fame recently and I really enjoyed myself. Lots of dancing, singing and acting involved in this show which was fab! I performed it at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

I am very excited because Katrina over at Whimsical Wishes has showed me a website called Pinterest. Its really good for posting pictures of different bits and bobs you see which you like for inspiration etc. I will be hooked to this I can tell!

Its also my birthday on Monday so will have lots to tell you all about that!

Will be back in a couple of days to show you some bits and pieces which I have been making in the past few weeks.




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  1. 29/05/2011 1:36 pm

    Hi Grace!
    Thank you for your lovely comment left on my blog. (I’ll be browsing around yours next)
    I am infatuated with Pinterest… so much amazing inspiration and a great way to “meet” people.
    Have a beautiful day and a Happy Birthday!

  2. 29/05/2011 2:18 pm

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks so much for the love you left on my blog. Can’t believe that my work has made it onto Pinterest! I just had to join after that!

    Happy Birthday for Monday!

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