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Promarker Tutorial

Promarkers are VERY popular in the crafting world, but a lot of people just dont know how to use them! I thought I would create this tutorial to show how I colour my images in with them. There is a big range of colours for you to choose from and they look fantastic. I tend to use them on most of my cards because whatever direction you colour in, it always looks smooth and you dont get any lines in the image 🙂

I used Tilda with Tulip as my example – I think it’s such a cute stamp, one of my favourites! I started off by colouring her face and skin…

Whenever you use promarkers you dont have to press on them, use them like a paintbrush. I always use blush as my skin tone. You could use saffron or vanilla as well, but they are slightly darker. I did one layer of blush, then coloured in the cheeks with baby pink. (You could use pale pink or pastel pink as well) I then went over the top with blush again to blend it in which looks very effective.

Also on this picture you can see the tulip;  I used a darker colour underneath (Lime Zest) the bigger flower and the two on the top before adding my main colour (Lemon), so it makes it look a bit more exciting. Anway, next I did the hair….

The hair is always tricky and takes a lot of time to perfect! I went over the whole section first with caramel. (Saffron is also a very good choice of hair colour. If you want blonder hair lemon is the best colour to choose!) I then went over the middle in Raw Sienna to add a highlight, and went over the whole section again in caramel. Like the cheeks, when you reapply the main colour over the top it blends it in.

Next I wanted to colour the dress. I decided to use cocktail pink as the main colour and antique pink for the highlights. I used soft green as the main colour for the pockets and sleeves and the darker colour is mint green. The underskirt is done with Lemon which matches the tulip so it doesnt look odd!  You must have picked up now how to add highlights – I wont bother boring you again with the detail! So, swiftly moving on to the final stop; Socks and shoes…

I used caramel for the shoes and added raw sienna as the blending colour for this one to match the hair. The green socks (Forest Green) and Lemon Highlights match the tulip and the stem.

Finally, I went around the outside of the image with a light grey colour. (In this case I used cool grey 2, but usually I use Ice Grey 1) This makes the image stand out and is a great effect. Here is the final result…

*Drum Roll* 😉

There we have it! All ready to be used 🙂 I hope this tutorial has helped you with your ‘promarkering’ and if you need any questions answering feel free to contact me I will be happy to help! I hope you have enjoyed reading this tutorial

Grace xx

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  1. Sue Harman permalink
    14/07/2010 6:57 am

    Brilliant tutorial Grace. This will help me! You make some lovely cards. Sue

  2. 19/11/2010 9:36 pm

    Great tutorial, this will help a lot.
    Hugs Linda

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